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Wolverine appears in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows again voiced by Steven Blum. He ambushes Spider-Man at Hell's Kitchen and ask him questions to determine if Spider-Man is a symbiote or not. Later in the game, Wolverine becomes possessed by symbiotes and fights Spider-Man, serving a more powerful version of the boss form he was in earlier. If the player chooses the Red Suit Path, Spider-Man frees Wolverine from the symbiote. If the player chooses the Black Suit Path, Spider-Man will rip him in half and Wolverine swears to kill him. In both Black Suit endings, Black Widow enlists a symbiote-controlled Wolverine to bring her Spider-Man dead or alive. The Symbiote-Wolverine prefers the dead option. In the PSP and PS2 version, Wolverine is an assist character who will slash at any opponents.

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