Real NameAdrian Toomes
Height5 ft. 11 in.
Weight175 lbs
AbilitiesFlight, Super strength
Base of OperationsNew York
First AppearanceAmazing Spider-Man #2


[edit] Comics

Adrian Toomes working in a partnership company and had invented a harness capable of flight. He discovered that his partner was embezzling money, giving Toomes none. He uses the flight harness to become the supervillain known as the Vulture. He has joined every reformation of the Sinister Six, in an attempt to kill Spider-Man. After accidentally killing one of Aunt May's friends and finding out he has cancer, Vulture wanted forgiveness from her, in the process terrorising her and Peter. Peter fought with Toomes and destroyed his harness. He was arrested, but still wanted forgiveness. May told him that it was up to God to forgive him. he had briefly changed his appearance to a younger self by absorbing artificial life force from a Charmelon android of Peter's mother. It was undone when a man negated Toomes appearance of youth.

[edit] In other media

[edit] Video Games

[edit] Spider-man 2 (game)

The Vulture is a boss in the Spider-Man game based on the first movie, when he and Spider-man fought near the Chrysler building.

[edit] Spiderman: Web Of Shadows

In Spiderman: Web Of Shadows, Vulture is a boss. After defeating him, he works with S.H.I.E.L.D to defeat the symbiotes. Vulture gets infected by the Symbiotes and Spider-Man is left with the choice to save New York or let Symbiotes overrun it.

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