Spider-Man's first villain
NameDennis 'Spike' Carradine
NicknameSpike, Burglar
residesNew York
StatusDead (heart attack in comics, tripped and fell to his death in the movie).
Portrayed byMichael Papajohn

[edit] Comics

Not much is known about Dennis's early life, until while in prison, a fellow jailmate who spoke in his sleep referenced money underneath a suburban house, later revealed to be under the possession of the Parker Family. While Spider-man was in a TV studio, it got robbed, but Peter didn't bother to stop the criminal as he escaped. Dennis went to the Parker house for the money and killed Uncle Ben. He escaped, but Spider-Man was quick on his trail. He left Dennis for the police and decided to use his powers for good instead of popularity.
When Dennis is released, he is still hunting for the money underneath the Parker house. He interrogate Aunt May, who is at a retirement home, and partnered up with the head doctor, really Mysterio. The two fake May's death and keep her captive inside the warehouse where Spider-Man and Dennis had their first confrontation. Mysterio and Dennis turn on each other. Dennis leaves for the warehouse while Mysterio gets beaten by Spider-Man. At the warehouse, Spider-Man reveals his identity to Dennis and he suffers a heart attack, thinking that Peter was going to kill him out of revenge.

[edit] Movies

Peter, with his new-found powers, wants to do wrestling to get money. He has to last 5 minutes with Crusher Hogan, but Peter only lasts less than 5, as he had defeated Hogan. When he asks for the full amount from the fight promoter, he doesn't get the full amount, as a loophole states that he has to last 5 minutes. He only went up to 3, but even though he won, he doesn't get the full amount of money. Angry, Peter walks away from the promoter as he is getting robbed. Dennis runs past Peter, but Peter doesn't catch Dennis, as his own way of giving revenge to the fight promoter. Outside, Carradine and Flint Marko carjack Uncle Ben and Marko kills him accidentally. Carradine drives off in Uncle Ben's car, and drives off to an abandoned warehouse. At the warehouse, Spider-Man confronts Carradine and he walks backwards, trips over and falls out a window, killing him.

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