Real NameBruce Banner
Height5' 9.5" (Banner)
6'6" (gray Hulk)
7' – 8' (green/savage Hulk)
7'6" (green/Professor Hulk)
Weight128 lbs. (Banner)
900 lbs. (gray Hulk)
1,040 – 1,400 lbs. (green/savage Hulk)
1,150 lbs. (green/Professor Hulk)
AbilitiesSuper Strength
Resistance to physical damage, extreme temperatures, poisons, and diseases
Health regeneration

The Hulk (Bruce Banner) is a superhero also created by Stan Lee. As a physicist, Bruce is exposed to a gamma bomb which involuntarily forces him to turn into The Hulk to give him superhuman strength, speed, stamina and a regenerative healing factor. He was also one of the first Avengers alongside Thor, Iron Man and Ant-Man only for Hulk to be replaced by Captain America.

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