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[edit] Burglar

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[edit] Movie

This simple enemy of Spider-Man does not have superpowers, but has affected him more than any of the others in his Rouges Gallery. Peter defeats 'Bone Saw McGraw' in a wrestling match, but does not get his full money, as he has to spend 5 minutes with him, instead of defeating him in less than 5 minutes. Peter leaves with less money than expected while the burglar steals from the person who just gave Peter his money. He runs past Peter, who decides not to interfere in an act of revenge against the man. The burglar gets away with Flint Marko and kills Ben Parker in a carjacking gone wrong.

[edit] Sandman

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Sandman is a villain/anti-hero in the Spider-Man series. In the Ultimate Spider-Man and the third movie, he is portrayed as an anti-hero, while in the comics is both. He is a member of the Sinister Six.

Sandman is portrayed by Thomas Haden Church.

[edit] Mysterio


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Mysterio has the power of illusion and is one of Spider-Man's most dangerous foes. He has not been portrayed in a Spider-Man movie, although he appeared in the video game version of Spider-Man 2 and an alternate, fictional version of Spider-Man 2 with Doc Ock and Mysterio as the villains.

[edit] Doctor Octopus

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Otto Octavius is a genius who is a physicist and inventor. One of his experiments involved tenticle-like arms capable of great strengths and is attached by a harness. The experiment Otto used them on backfired, leaving them on Otto permanently. Otto, using his extra four limbs, turned to a life of crime and is nicknamed Doctor Octopus and also Doc Ock. He becomes one of Spider-Man's most dangerous enemies and most well known. He is the person who banded together the Sinister Six with 5 different members and reformed the group several times. He also attampted to marry Aunt May, give Spider-Man amnesia and tricked him to briefly become a villain and help him until Spider-Man's memory came back. Doctor Octopus has even teamed up with Lex Luthor to destroy Earth, but Spider-Man told Doctor Octopus what Lex's true intentions were and Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus stopped Lex.

[edit] Rhino


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Aleksei Sytsevich is a Russian immigrant who volunteered for an experiment. He was given a suit and then given super strength and speed. He has since become a common Spider-man enemy.

[edit] Electro


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Maxwell Dillon was an electrician before turning into a super villain. While fixing a power line he was the victim of a freak lightning accident which gave him his electrical power. He has become a villain of Spider-man, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and many other heroes. He was most recently seen escaping from the raft.

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