Mary Jane Watson

Mary Jane Watson
Mary Jane.jpg
Mary Jane's first ever appearance
NameMary Jane Watson
Mary Jane
AbilitiesNone (original comics)
Has briefly used equipment from several superheroes such as Spider-Man and Iron Man.[1]
Base of OperationsNew York
Portrayed byKirsten Dunst
First AppearanceAmazing Spider-Man #25

[edit] Comics

Originally, Mary Jane was an unseen character in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 15, was first seen in issue 25, but her face was not seen. It was finally in issue 42 that Mary Jane's face was completely seen and Peter instantly fell in love with her. Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy rivalled each other for the affection of Peter, but still were friends. After dating Harry Osborn, his father was driven insane by Harry's drug habits, becoming Green Goblin again. Norman kills Gwen upsetting Peter. After Peter's mourning, he and Mary Jane date again. Peter proposes but Mary Jane declines, not wanting to go into very deep relationships.

[edit] References

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