New Goblin

New Goblin
New Goblin.jpg
New Goblin as he appears in Spider-Man 3 (game)
NameHarry Osborn
AliasNew Goblin
Seen inSpider-Man 3
AbilitiesSuper Strength
Pumpkin bombs
Portrayed byJames Franco

For the alternate version of the next Grren Goblin, see Green Goblin 2

The New Goblin is a character that is only seen in the Spider-Man 3 movie and Spider-Man 3 (game), although they are portrayed exactly the same.

[edit] Movie


Harry takes up his father's footsteps of becoming the next Green Goblin, but with a completely different suit. He attacks Peter Parker as he is leaving Aunt May's house and a mid-air battle starts. Peter wins the battle by making Harry fall off his sky stick and knocking him out using Peter's webbing. Harry suffers amnesia but after a breif conversation with his father makes Harry remember what happened. Harry threatens Mary Jane to tell Peter that she is in love with another man (Harry). After a conversation between Peter and Harry, Peter confronts Harry in his mansion and a fight starts. Peter becomes victorious again by swinging a bomb ment for Peter back at Harry, disfiguring half of Harrys face. After Peter confronts Harry a third time, asking Harry for help to save Mary Jane and defeat Sandman and Venom, Harry dons his New Goblin gear and battles Sandman. He wins his battle against Sandman, but does not kill him. Harry is impaled saving Peter's life from Venom and dies.

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