New York

New York City
New York City.jpg
NameNew York City
Superheroes residing in NYCSpider-Man, The Fantastic Four
NYC also known asThe Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps
Located inThe state of New York, America
LandmarksStatue of Liberty, Broadway, Empire State Building


[edit] In the Spider-Man universe

[edit] Spider-Man comics, 1950s to 2000s

Stan Lee has created several fictional landmarks in New York City to accompany the Spider-Man series. Examples of these is The Daily Bugle, Oscorp and generic buildings used for several of the character's houses. Spider-Man himself spends a majority of time in New York, doing several regular, daily activities from going to school and working at the Daily Bugle to defeating criminals and supervillains on the streets of New York.

[edit] Spider-Man

In the first movie based on Spider-Man released in 2002, several locations are introduced that are already in the series, such as The Daily Bugle, along with J. Jonah Jameson, Oscorp, along with Norman Osborn, and the Osborn mansion, which is seen prominently in the later 2 movies. Real life locations play a role in the movie, such as when The Green Goblin holds Mary Jane Watson hostage atop of the Queensboro bridge (which in the video game catches fire).

[edit] Spider-Man 2

Statue of Mysterio.jpg

In Spider-Man 2, locations in New York City are used again, such as The Daily Bugle and Oscorp, while others are introduced, such as Doc Ock's Warehouse pier. The video game based on the movie is the first Spider-Man game to feature all of Manhattan to explore, including Roosevelt, Liberty and Ellis Island. An incident occurs in the game when Mysterio causes rampage and terror in New York City, first by destroying a theatre, then by replacing the Statue of Liberty with himself (pictured). After being defeated, Mysterio leads Spider-Man to his apartment somewhere in New York, which the interior resembles a fun-house.

[edit] Spider-Man 3

In Spider-Man 3, almost all of the locations shown in the previous movies and movie-based games return, including new areas, such as a brief scene in Times Square with Stan Lee, Central Park and a very large construction site where Spider-Man and New Goblin battled against Venom and Sandman.

[edit] In other video games

[edit] Spider-Man (game)

A very large underground/underwater base is introduced in the waters of New York, belonging to Doctor Octopus and Carnage.

[edit] Spider-Man: Friend or Foe

This is one of the few Spider-Man games that is not completely based in New York, instead, it has levels of locations around the world.

[edit] Spiderman: Web Of Shadows

This game features a fully explorable (only on Xbox 360, PC, Wii and PS3. PS2 and PSP are side-scrollers) New York City, in which the residents of New York become influenced by the Symbiote and become more aggressive towards Spider-Man.

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