Real NameKatherine Pryde
Weight110 lbs
AbilitiesCan go into a phased state which renders her immune to physical attacks
Team AffiliationsX-Men
First AppearanceUncanny X-Men #129

[edit] Origin

Katherine Pryde is a mutant from Deerfield, Illinois. Her ability to phase through solid objects received the attention of both the X-Men and the Hellfire Club. As a result, she was visited by Emma Frost and the X-Men. After meeting Storm, she wanted to join the X-Men. However, her father wanted her to join Frost. Professor Xavier used his powers to change his mind and she became part of the X-Men. Initially she took up the name Ariel and Sprite, but later changed it to Shadowcat. Since then, she has had a love relationship with Colossus and has become a close friend of Wolverine and Storm.
In the Ultimate Spider-Man series, Shadowcat and Peter Parker dated, but eventually stopped.

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