Spider-Man 2 (game)

Spider-Man 2
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PS2 box cover
DevelopersTreyarch, The Fizz Factor, Vicarious Visions, Digital Eclipse, Backbone Entertainment, Aspyr Media
PlatformsNintendo GameCube, Xbox, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, N-Gage, Mac OS X
VillainsDoc Ock (movie)
ReleasedJune/July 2004
ModesSingle Player

There are two versions of Spider-Man 2. Below is the storyline of the PS2/Xbox version.

[edit] Story

The Story is set in New York, 2 years after the first movie. The game is made up of 17 missions. Spider-Man stops several thugs from robbing people and chases down Black Cat. Spider-Man battles Rhino in the streets. After defeating Rhino, Spidey meets up with Otto Octavius in his apartment near Central Park. After taking a few pictures, Spider-Man meets up with Black Cat again and chases her.
The next day, Spider-Man accepts a challenge from Quentin Beck, in which Beck loses in. Spider-Man attempts to get to Mary Jane's play, but a large explosion means that Spidey has to find who is responsible. After finally getting to Mary Jane, Spider-Man has to chase Black Cat for a third time.
Mysterio has arrived to New York, planning on taking over it, posing himself and his army as an alien threat. Mysterio appears as a hologram at a theatre and manages to set it on fire. After Spider-Man rescues men inside and destroys all of Mysterio's robots, He takes over the Statue of Liberty and turns it into himself. After foiling Mysterio a second time, Spider-Man visits Mysterio's apartment and finds a secret area dubbed Mysterio's funhouse of doom, where he plays mind games on Spidey. After getting out, Spider-Man finds a Mysterio hologram.
Peter attends a demonstration made by Octavius using mechanical arms and a large force field. The force field goes out of control and it's up to Spider-Man to stop the machine. Shortly afterwards, Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus battle in the bank and Doc Ock escapes. He leaves Aunt May on train tracks, but is rescued by Spider-Man. Spider-Man chases Black Cat yet again and she helps Spider-Man battle Shocker.
Mysterio is spotted by civilians robbing a convenience store and Spider-Man investigates. Mysterio has 3 health bars, but Spider-Man knocks him out in one punch, defeating Mysterio in one go and unmasking Mysterio as Quentin Beck. Black Cat and Spider-Man battle Shocker again in a warehouse on Roosevelt Island. The duo also go to another warehouse nearby to defeat thugs and men in very large mechanical suits. Finally, Spider-Man battles Doc Ock on a subway train and is defeated by the doctor. Spidey tells Harry Osborn that Mary Jane is kidnapped by Doc Ock. He goes to the Doctor's pier warehouse and has to switch off Doc Ock's second and larger machine before defeating Doctor Octopus. After the battle, Spider-man has as long as he wants to do anything.

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