Spider-Man 3 (game)

Spider-Man 3
SM3 game.jpg
Spider-Man 3 Xbox 360 game cover, American version
Developed byTreyarch (PS3 and Xbox 360, PC version ported by Beenox)
Vicarious Visions (PS2, Wii, PSP, DS, GBA)
PlatformsGBA, Windows, Nintendo DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360
GenreAction, Sandbox
VillainsMorbius (Wii/PS2 only)
Shriek(Wii/PS2 only)
New Goblin
Scorpion(PS3/360/PC only)
Kingpin(PS3/360/PC only)
Calypso(PS3/360/PC only)


[edit] Story

The story will be based on the Xbox 360/PS3 and PC version. There are several storylines for Spider-Man to follow.

[edit] Lizard

J.J.J wants pictures of Lizards, so Peter dons the Spider-man outfit and takes pictures of the lizards. He follows the lizards to the sewers where Spidey finds several lizards. He encounters a large drill, but outswings it. Afterwards, there is a battle between the Lizard and Spider-Man, where Spidey has to knock The Lizard into a machine.

[edit] Kraven

Later in the game when Spidey wears the Black Suit, he encounters Kraven attacking the lizards. After several fights, Kraven is defeated and Spider-Man will face off against the Lizard again.

[edit] Carlyle, the Mad Bomber

Carlyle basically wants to destroy New York. He nearly destroyed one of his buildings, the subway, a power plant, The Daily Bugle and nearly killed J Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man defeats him by destroying his aircraft with Carlyle in it.

[edit] Apocalypse

The apocalypse gang want to cause chaos in New York City. They hijacked a train and nearly destroyed an electrical power station before Spider-Man took out the leader.

[edit] DeWolfe

DeWolfe is a police officer in the Marvel Universe who tells Spider-man to do jobs involving getting rid of corrupt cops. Spider-Man frequently makes use of his camera to take pictures of the corrupt cops and criminals.

[edit] Arsenic Candy

Arsenic Candy is a gang completely made up of females who are robbing several items for the wedding of the gang leader, Prisilla. The gang create a fashion show with kidnapped judges they are trying to kill. The fashion show takes place in the same (now abandoned) theatre as where Mysterio caused chaos and made catch fire. Arsenic Candy then are responsible for robbing several teddy bears, leading Spider-Man to rescue people in a burning building. The gang try to steal rings and destroy a skeleton, but are foiled by Spider-Man. Finally, he crashes the wedding, rescues the groom and then defeats Priscilla, the leader.

[edit] Dragon Tail

The Dragon Tail is stealing artifacts from all over new York to rule the world. They typically use vans to steal the artifacts. Spider-Man's main informer is an art collector who can be found on top of a building, with the roof as a garden. He is attacked by Dragon Tail gang members who were using rocket launchers, before Spider-man defeated them. An armoured car with artifacts trying to get away from the rocket launcher Dragon Tails is protected by Spider-Man. finally, Spider-Man battles the leader, who has the ability of teleportation. Just before the battle, Spidey's black suit is affected by a gong that was hit. Spidey defeats the Dragon Tail leader, defeating the gang.

[edit] Scorpion

Scorpion is an experiment done by Mechabiocon. With Spider-Man's help, Scorpion escapes but the mind control devices on the Queensboro Bridge forces Spider-Man to battle Scorpion. After Scorpion's defeat, he takes off his mind control helmet and destroys it. Scorpion then enlists the help of Spider-Man to defeat Mechabiocon and Spider-Man battles Rhino.

[edit] Kingpin

Later in the game, Kingpin is a new foe introduced for Spider-Man to defeat and take down his criminal empire. Kingpin only has two missions.

[edit] Movie

This follows the movie strand.

[edit] New Goblin

The New Goblin strand is only made up of one mission, which is to defeat him. Half of the mission is a button-pressing minigame, while the second half is Spider-man fighting New Goblin. New Goblin is playable through downloadable content and in the PS3 Special Edition after this mission.

[edit] Sandman

Like New Goblin, Sandman only has one mission. Spider-Man (when he firsts discovers the black suit) battles Sandman in a mission similar to what happened in the movie. After falling down several train tracks, Spider-Man washes away Sandman with water, turning him into mud.

[edit] Final Battle

Like the movie, the final battle takes place in the construction site, with New Goblin and Spider-Man against Venom and Sandman again. New Goblin took on Sandman and defeated him, while Spider-Man battled Venom. Both were successful, although New Goblin dies at the end.

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