Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben
Real NameBenjamin Parker
AliasUncle Ben
Height75 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight79 kg (175 lbs)
Base of OperationsNew York

Ben Parker was the Uncle of Peter Parker before being murdered by a gunman. He had two alternate deaths, one in the movie Spider-Man and one from the comics. In the comics, Ben's house was invaded by a man who was after some money underneath the house. Ben got in the way and was fatally shot. In the movies, Ben was in a car waiting for Peter to finish work in the library (Peter was really wrestling) and Peter was cheated out of a lot of money. When the man who owed Peter money was immediately robbed after Peter's departure, he let the criminal get away as a final act of vengance against the man. The Burglar attempted to steal Ben's car, but Ben was accidentally shot by Flint Marko (revealed in Spider-Man 3) and Peter went after Flint's accomplice, the Burglar. Ben's death inspires Peter to take up the mantle of Spider-Man. In a recent issue of Ultimate Spider-Man, a relative Sandman is in trouble and Sandman recruits Spider-Man to protect him. Spider-Man notices a very strong resemblance between Sandman's relative and Uncle Ben. In issue #500 of The Amazing Spider-Man, Happy Birthday, Uncle Ben appears for 5 minutes as a birthday present to Peter Parker from Doctor Strange. Peter was thinking of how Spider-Man had affected his life, with the supervillains constantly terrorizing himself, M.J, May, J.J.J and New York, thinking he should give up being Spider-Man due to the dangers. Ben told Peter : "We all go through pain, we all lose people we care about, we all suffer, we all get hurt. It's the price of being human"- Uncle Ben, The Amazing Spider-Man, issue #500. Peter reconsiders and thanks Ben, while Ben tells Peter to look after May and disappears.

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