Real NameJames Howlett
Weight195 lbs w/o Adamantium skeleton 300 lbs w/ Adamantion skeleton
AbilitiesHas adamantium bonded claws
Healing factor
Marshal arts expert
First AppearanceIncredible Hulk #180

Wolverine is a prominent figure in the Marvel Universe, he is a long standing member of the X-Men and a recent member of The Avengers. Wolverine sports a devastating animal instincts, a powerful healing factor as his natural mutant power, and bones of acquired Adamantium which also replaces his bony claws with indestructible death reapers. Wolverine is a mutant, and was once part of the Weapon X program.

[edit] History

Wolverine's healing factor causes him to slow down aging, and thus his actual history and origin is very obscure and little is known of his past life. Wolverine usually forgets and forever loses his acquired memories should an injury damage his brain tissues and cells. Wolverine was Born James Howlett and lived in Canada in his early life.

[edit] Powers

Wolverine have one of the most strongest healing factor among his mutant peers, one that surpasses that of Deadpool's. Wolverine is also equipped with retractable Adamantium claws that cut almost through anything.

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